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Day of Remembrance

So, this past Tuesday was Transgender Day of Remembrance. I wrote this poem and read it at our local observance; apparently a number of people found it meaningful. I do have to say in hindsight that I find it pretty odd that I would write a poem calling for courage and love, when I have so little of either. But maybe the words are worth something, even if the author fails to live up to them. See what you think.

For The Ones

For the ones who will never laugh again
For those who will not cry
Should we sit and scratch our heads
And wonder, wonder why?

Or should we follow them into the starless night,
Throwing our lives away?
Or just give up, keeping the life and losing the soul,
Sinking ever deeper into the grey, gritty quicksand of a life …
What life?

One beyond tears, it may be.
But also one beyond hope, one beyond dreams.
A sad, silent, senseless life stuck behind a wall
That shuts us off from all that makes us human?

Never! For this alone we must not do.
Never! Betray the memory of those who have gone before …
The ones who are no more.
Never! Give up on the ones whose lives were taken, far too young, far too soon.
Never! Forget what you know. Who you are.
Who we are, and the beauty our lives can be.
Never! Doubt for a moment that this, now, today, this is our time.

They call to you, my sisters
They call to you, my brothers
They call to me, to all of us … in the stillness, can you hear?
They call on us … to carry on
They call on us … to live our lives
They call on us … to love.



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